Wing Chun Code of Conduct

An honorable Wing Chun practitioner demonstrates respect to self and others. We train Wing Chun to learn an art form, free from intent to harm our colleagues. Becoming injured or feeling unsafe is not conducive to healthy learning. Proper learning occurs within a safe and encouraging learning environment.

Wing Chun, however, is still a martial art and physical contact is necessary for proper learning. Individuals can take responsibility for themselves by clearly indicating their comfort level with the amount and intensity of physical energy being used by their training partners. Be clear and explicit in what you are comfortable with. People who have trained for a long time and who have developed a relationship built on trust and respect may give each other permission to “hit” safely in order to train with more intense energy. It is not necessarily the level of intensity that determines respect, but the intention of the energy and the agreement between partners.

Respect can also be demonstrated through the use of appropriate language. We can demonstrate respect by addressing people by the way they wish to be addressed and by refraining from offensive or profane language.

Respect can be demonstrated by how we treat ourselves, our family, friends, neighbours, community and the environment. An upright martial artist shows care and compassion for all things rather than seeking to gratify their needs and cravings. The self is an illusion; we are a small part of something bigger. We cannot truly respect “ourselves” without respecting others. Humility, gratitude, care and compassion are all signs of respect that we can strive for.