Sifu Moy Yat

Moy Yat


Moy Yat was born in Toi Shan, in the Province of Canton. In 1953, his family moved to Hong Kong where he had the good fortune to study Wing Chun (aka Ving Tsun) Kung Fu under Ip Man (aka Yip Man). He was a very close follower of the venerable teacher, being a frequent companion as well as a dedicated student.

At the age of twenty four, Moy Yat became the youngest Wing Chun Sifu ever promoted by Ip Man. Today, his students number in the thousands and a good many of the world’s best-known Sifus started out as students of Moy Yat.

Kung Fu was not the only art that Moy Yat had mastered. He was also a dynamic and versatile artist in many mediums; he was one of the foremost seal makers in the world, carving the Wing Chun history into stone. For his many artistic accomplishments, he was named as consultant to both The Academy of Chinese Arts and The Museum of Natural History. He was famous for his “Blush Strokes” – their ingenious simplistic abstractions are extremely fluid and subtle. His artwork has been displayed in England, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.